Simple to anything. . .

In each every little you have a problem, I rushed immediately in one phone call.

Peace of mind x trust

We reached the open sixth year is supported by many customers as a handyman of town.

Is a convenient shop?

Convenience shop and is a profession that solves the "every little troubled" in everyday life. Made anything, They will respond immediately, it will be very dependable. Commonly known as Geek of All Trades have been also referred to as a (whatever Ya),'s a strong ally of women and the elderly. Do Tanomeru concretely what! ? .. Let's look at the example of the "Mr Benri".

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Business trip and response area (Kanagawa Tokyo)

  • Handyman Mr Benri We will be activities around the Kanagawa Tokyo.
  • Kanagawa (such as Atsugi Ebina Ayase Yamato Zama Kawasaki Yokohama Sagamihara)
  • Tokyo (such as Tachikawa Inagi National Fuchu Hino Tama Hachioji Machida)

Other regions also flexible to respond, please feel free to contact us.

Illustration photo of the work site

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