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step1_1  Telephone, FAX,FormIn Inquiry

Once in every troubled steep in every little troubled, please contact us! . Experienced staff will is attentive to hear support the customer's request and your worries. In addition, please consult with confidence because content and personal information you consult does not in any way be leaked to others. Telephone, FAX, consultation of the net form is free.

step1_2 Quote

On the basis of your request content, and then put out an estimate. If you have received the assent amount of money you have your presentation, please ask. Estimates have been made at all, regardless of the presence or absence of your request free of charge. In addition, visit the estimate is also free.

step1_3 Book a work day 

Please taken you a reservation Once the work day is Kemah to. Because by crowding state there are times when you can not ensure the dates you would like, reservation, please taken us as soon as possible with a margin. Please taken you a reservation cancellation fee after reservation with confidence in the Masen'a have received at all. How to Book is it is mentioned below.

step1_4  Work started 

To the staff visited the day, we will re-check the estimate amount of money and you and the work content. Here, it will be the work undertaken at the time of gotten fired consent who consented. If the course does not have you convinced here you can also be Kyanseruru.

step1_5 Payment

After There is completed, will be promptly your report, you received a confirmation of the work. If you have received a consent, please pay. Payment we ask in principle cash, please consult with the staff prior to the time you wish to such transfer

* This will be the flow of basic request, it may differ depending on the request contents and urgency.

Please contact: If you have any other questions.