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Guidance of various clean-up services

Rooms clean up

After movingRooms clean up, Fees, such asClean upWe accept. Apartment Mansion Estates, House of leave the room, we will clean up your beautiful, such as 1R Mansion. In addition, it moves to the facility, are also available, such as disposal, house cleaning of household goods became your unnecessary in such as graduation, employment, divorce.

  • Hakobidashi work of a large furniture (wedding chest of drawers).
  • Carry-out and disposal of large household appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, etc.).
  • Leasing and sale of properties current recovery, such as cleaning.

The flexible, quick and polite can respond to a wide range of circumstances, it is "room clean up" service of Mr.

Clean up of garbage residence

In Mr. Garbage room And the dirty roomClean upWe accept. Hand is not attached, such as living alone for the elderly and students · OLGarbage roomClean will clean up you. I will whole clean the room're in the apartment, condominiums, apartment complexes, single-family, company housing, dormitory. In addition, we also offer such disposal, house cleaning of household goods became your unnecessary.

  • Sorting and bagging out the work of those that do not need and what you need (garbage).
  • Need not dispose of Hakobidashi things, cleaning (house cleaning).
  • Such as disinfection and repair (if required).

Tokyo, Kanagawa (Yokohama Zama Atsugi Ebina Yamato Sagamihara Machida ...) district is "clean up the garbage house" service quick response area of ​​Mr.

Clean up of the store put away and offices

Transfer of the store put away and offices, out of business, closed, of leaving products with such as the renovationClean upWe accept. We will dispose of taking over the office furniture (locker, office desk, etc.) from the kitchen fixtures. In addition, it is also available, such as removal disposal of outdoor signs and lighting instrumentation.

  • Office desk, chair, table and chairs
  • Archive locker partition
  • Such as side-wagon-safe.

One house whole tidying up the house

House, warehouse, such as storeroomClean upWe accept. Indoors, of course, you clean up the entire site from the attic to the garden. In addition, it earns approval, such as the disposal of the contents of the warehouse or storeroom (not goods). Optimal service is in such renovation, rebuilding, sale and surrender of the house. Moreover, it is also recommended, such as relics organize and Tsuikatsu.

  • Household goods and non-supplies a set of disposal
  • Disposal of the garden around the leaving product (potted plants, block, such as Hisao)
  • Dismantling disposal of warehouse-storeroom

Disused article recovery

You move, belongings organized, I have heard the collection of unwanted items that came out in such as clean up of the room. Anything you pick up your such as bike or bicycle from the non-goods, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and computer room.

  • LCD TVs, microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machines
  • Musical instruments, game software
  • Personal computers and air conditioning
  • Such as bike bicycle.

Disused article of purchase ☆

If there is something that can be purchase in the recovery of the straight-line pack, it will be further reduced prices from the flat fee! !

Quote free ☆

What you want is recovered is too many, if you do not know whether I should ask what plans, our staff is to ask a free quote, customers in suits the plan we propose. Customers of anxiety thing is all we solve!

Corresponding area

Machida City and SagamiharaAs a base,

Tokyo(Hachioji, Tama City, Hino, Inagi, Tama, Tama area, Setagaya-ku, Suginami-ku, Meguro-ku, Tokyo),

Kanagawa Prefecture(Sagamihara (Minami-ku, Chuo-ku), Zama City, Yamato-shi, Ebina City, Kawasaki City (Aso-ku, Tama-ku, Tokyo), centered on the Yokohama (Aoba-ku, green Ward, Tsuzuki-ku, Asahi-ku Seya-ku) we have activities.

* Since it also supports in the region other than the above, for more information please contact us.

In our shop, after unwanted items recovered from customers who strictly separated, waste treatment company that has partnered, regular recyclers, overseas export sales of skill in the art, brought directly to the RKC designated collection facilities to a "proper process" cage you. It has issued a manifest (certificate) as its proof. Please be assured that "you do not have to worry about illegal dumping, etc.".

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