If care of the pruning garden open spaces of weeding mowing garden, Machida, Sagamihara, Yamato, Kawasaki, rushes with a single phone call to Yokohama City.


"Mowing is not only cut! Also examined the timing and disposal!


For this reason, open spaces, weeding, disposal, it is recommended that you leave looking for a cheap shops. From the time of the examination of care, the actual processing, and including to the appropriate disposal of the plant will be able to support after the cut. Especially in the trees of the garden you want to be careful, would put the scissors in the wrong time and not can not withered trees. Mowing who contracted from the consultation that said so, Ueki logging skilled in the art would say that good skill in the art.

  • I want you to take a growing weeds around the garden and house
  • The pruning of the weeds and extended the branches of the housing complex
  • I want you to help the care of the garden
  • We want you to spread the weed protection sheet on the first floor of the veranda side
  • I want you to cut too large a large tree
  • I want you to weed mowing of open spaces
  • I want you to sow the herbicide in the parking lot

We have gotten the request of such.