Cheap Moving Single moving luggage transport

Single short-distance move, small luggage short-distance transport, Wanrumupakku, Single moving planWe Makasekudai to "Single Moving & luggage transportation service of Mr" If you are looking for.
Petit moving of bachelor, a small move of students and you alone like, moving a couple or single, to clean up and cleaning of the room we have been collectively correspondence.

Machida, Sagamihara City, Kawasaki City and YokohamaIn the center, Kanagawa (Zama City, Yamato-shi, Ebina, Atsugi City), Tokyo, Hachioji, Tama City, Hino City, Fuchu City, National City, Inagi, Tachikawa, Tama City), outside the other area But flexibility so that we can support, please feel free to contact us.


1. The Single moving the secret of popularity of Mr (Mr)?

  • Students, bachelor, OL's, ♪ perfect such as for those living alone
  • Nursing home, moving and you moving at the time of welfare facilities and admissions and discharges, such as care House ♪
  • Studio, also fit ♪ in a small moving and mini-moving, such as dormitory
  • Kindly carefully cheap, speedy carries your precious luggage ♪

2. Recommended for a time like this! !

  • Petit moving of bachelor
  • Small Single moving of students and you alone like
  • Also a little move of multipurpose in one person live
  • Moving of couples and single
  • Elderly care facilities, moving to a group home
  • Large furniture, separately moving of household appliances in the family
  • Moving to the floor difference, Dokaigo room difference within the same building
  • Next door of the apartment, moved to the apartment
  • Moving front of the warehouse, loading and unloading of the luggage compartment
  • Chauffeur-driven move, separately delivery, hand carry, etc.

3. sales point

  • Quickly and carefully immediately cope with one phone call, OK even in a sudden move
  • Saturday, Sunday and holidays the same fee, time zone can be specified.
  • You can your passenger in the front passenger seat to your new address (Free)
  • Deliver cardboard in advance (actual cost surcharge)
  • Refrigerator with your moving, removal and setting of the washing machine is free!
  • When you need help in the processing of unwanted items out in the move responds to the consultation (additional fee required)
  • Also available such as repair work in the room cleaning and walls, doors after Shisakyo.
  • TV connection, removal of the lighting fixtures, installation, dismantling of the bed and furniture, it accepts and assembly. (Separate fee required)

In the past, we have received such your request.
  • I would like to ask the move because I bought a used equipment
  • I would like to ask a move to a nursing home
  • Would like to ask the move because the transfer of company
  • I want carrying the luggage because the return to the parents' home and divorce
  • I want you to pack your luggage for a rapid move
  • I would like to ask the move since built a new house
  • I would like to ask the move because living with parents in my parents' marriage to husband
  • Would like to ask the move because the hit to municipal housing
  • I would like to ask the move from the prefecture to Tokyo because the job has been determined
  • I want carrying the luggage of grandfather since had to live at home
  • In moving away, I want you to help me put the luggage
  • I want carrying only those large such as refrigerators and chest of drawers
  • I would like to ask the move because supposed to live with her daughter married couple
  • I want carrying the luggage because the children are living alone


4. Measure of moving & luggage transportation fee

  • Transportation plan

Short-distance transport operations of 1 point to 3 points, in accordance with the travel time is here if it is about 1 hour is profitable.

¥ 6,000 yen ~ 

  • Single light trucks plan

Are we moving plan in alone. Within the working time of 3 hours, here if within traveling distance 40km it is profitable.

¥ 15,000 yen ~  For more informationMini moving fee "Please see.

5. Disused article recovery and clean up

  • Associated with the move, disposal and clean up of unwanted items, you can be your request to meet, such as cleaning after the departure (before).

* Household appliances if you request in conjunction with the move¥ 0 yen -You Hikitore. (For more informationUnnecessary goods Recovery Feetake a look)

6. Mr moving vehicle is the safety and security of black business number


Peace of mind will quickly carry your luggage in the commercial vehicles of the safety of the business number.

 7. Single Moving & luggage transportation area

  • Tokyo Machida, Hachioji, Hino City, Tama City, Fuchu City, National City, Tachikawa City, Inagi, Hamura, Mizuho-cho, Shinagawa-ku, Meguro-ku and Setagaya Ward ....
  • Kanagawa Sagamihara City, Atsugi City, Yamato-shi, Ebina, Zama City, Ayase City, Aikawa-cho, Kawasaki-shi (Nakahara-ku, Tama-ku, Asao-ku), Yokohama (Tsurumi-ku, Kanagawa-ku, Hodogaya-ku, Asahi-ku and Kohoku-ku · green Ward, Aoba-ku and Tsuzuki-ku, Izumi-ku Seya-ku), and the like ....