In Kanagawa, TokyoPC SupportIf you are looking for

If you are looking for a personal computer support in Kanagawa, Tokyo,
You Makasekudai in Machida, Sagamihara, Yokohama and Kawasaki of "handyman services of Mr".

  • Such as a personal computer, a tablet printer (default setting) trouble
  • Internet connection, e-mail settings, PC operation and setup
  • Wirusu infection control, peripherals driver installation
  • Network construction, IP address settings, LAN printer shared connection
  • When having problems with your home page, New Year's card creation, etc.

Please consult the "Handyman Mr Benri Tokyo Machida", professional staff of skilled will we correspond courteous. "Handyman services of Mr" I will be happy to help with great sincerity.The elderly, disabled guests, living alone of women, is a housewife a strong ally.

In addition to the personal computer trouble, electrical problem, carpentry (DIY), non-supplies recovery, alone moving, we have heard both the handyman agency services. Please feel free to contact us.


Annoyances PC-related you¥ 4,000~Kampen ♪

■ I want you to tell me the Internet connection ■ visit the personal computer classroom ■ connection of a personal computer and printer ■ want to be able to use ■ mail I want to know how to use personal computers and software ■ smartphone ■ Manuscript, I want you to type in the data ■ Face book, want to start a blog ■ you want to up the video to YouTube ■ want to take a video ■ want to make a hobby of the home page, such as. . .

  • I want you to set the e-mail
  • I want you to immediately come because the Internet is not connected.
  • I want you to tell me because it was purchased a MAC PC do not know how to operate
  • I want you to help the presentation material created in Power Point
  • I want you to urgently help because the workplace of the PC screen becomes suddenly blue screen English error messages are out.

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