You are viewing the base price of the main services.
It must be estimated in the field by support content, because the fees will change, please contact us for more information.

1 hour (1 person): travel costs from 3,000 yen (one person): from 1,000 yen
Concrete example
Furniture moving and cargo movement Separately movement in the base price × number of people car, it takes a vehicle costs.
Shed relocation and demolition disposal The basic fee × number of people dismantling disposal than 15,000 yen
Help move Basic fee × number of people (separately, vehicle costs)
Disused article recovery and coarsening garbage collection and belongings processing Example) light trucks half: 12,000 yen
Example) light trucks loading unlimited affordable pack: One 20,000 yen ~
Example) light trucks loading all-you-can rest assured pack: One 30,000 yen ~
※ In the case of consumer electronics contamination. Recycling Law subject goods will charge a recycling fee.
※ loading amount should not exceed the maximum limit weight of cargo that can be loaded on each vehicle.
Mowing, branches pay Basic fee × number of people (separately, mowing grass disposal costs)
House cleaning Apartment type 1DK: 35,000 yen 2DK: 45,000 yen 3DK: 55,000 yen
Detached 2LDK · 3K: 80,000 yen 3DK: 85,000 yen 3LDK · 4K: 95,000 yen
Air conditioning cleaning Household: One 8,500 yen, 8,000 yen from the second unit, decomposition cleaning 15,000 yen / unit
Outdoor unit 2,500 yen / unit
※ Please consult your request other than the above-mentioned work items.
※ is in no parking customers might get a parking fee at cost.
And if the professional craftsmen corresponding ※, aerial work, etc. will be charged separately by the situation.
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