In Kanagawa, TokyoElderly servicesIf you are looking for

In Kanagawa, TokyoElderly servicesIf you are looking for,
Machida, Sagamihara, Yokohama and Kawasaki"Handyman services of Mr"Makasekudai to.

It supports the lives of disabled people of the elderly and the body of living alone. Have heavy luggage, escort, accompany, turn up such as hospitals, elderly shopping assistance (Otsukai), the elderly live for support (for a walk and entertainment-talk partner), clean up your room, makeover, put out garbage, safety confirmation, etc., from a small care of personal belongings to a difficult task in one person,"Handyman services of Mr"We will be happy to help with great sincerity is.The elderly, disabled guests, living alone of women, is a housewife a strong ally in raising children.In addition to the elderly services, belongings organize and clean up, non-supplies recovery, alone moving, we have heard both the handyman agency services.