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When Getting Help to Handyman agency service! !
Handyman agency services is living alone for the elderly (the elderly) and is a busy woman a strong ally!
Grave, grave cleaning, shopping, application form up submission, attendance, safety confirmation of the elderly, ceremonial proxy attendance, event proxy to attend, sympathy, Hanami-athletic meet of the place up, video shooting, empty home management, overseas remittance, a variety of agency and distributors such as bank transfer "handyman Mr Benri" will help place you busy. In addition, apartments and condominiums owner of the agency service (vacant, vacant land management and periodic reports) are also available, such as.

Business trip and response area

  • Sagamihara (green-ku, Chuo-ku, Minami-ku, Tokyo), Yokohama (Aoba-ku, Midori-ku), Kawasaki (Aso-ku)
  • Zama City, Yamato City, Ayase, Ebina, Atsugi, Aikawa.
  • Machida, Hachioji, Tama City, district of Inagi, etc. quickly we will respond.

In addition, other regions we also respond flexibly so please feel free to contact us.